Etsy Stalking: Kitchen Goodies

I was out stalking some random Etsy shops tonight and wanted to share some of the coolness I found using the simple search term of “kitchen”. Great stuff! Christmas shopping, here I come! Do you shop on Etsy?

1. Earthenware Oval Bowl
2. Multi Wood Edge Grain Cutting Board
3. Handmade Stoneware Coffee Cup
4. Owl Potholder
5. Recipe Card Box with Fun Colorful Dividers
6. Winter Beverages Towel Set – Set of 4 Kitchen Towels
7. Special Collector set 3 Silverware Coat Hooks (Peace, Fork You, Rock On)
8. Kitchen Dish Cloths – set of 3
9. I Love Lucy Retro Red/Black Polka Dot Apron


  1. SwoodsonShoeClips says

    How do you make such a nifty, cute little graphic with all the pictures on it? I”d love to something similar on my blog for my etsy favs :)


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