Get a Custom Tile

If you haven’t seen these custom tiles around the blogosphere yet, you are in for  treat. Renee from Kudos Kitchen is a talented painter and will take your blog logo and paint it on a custom tile for you. That’s not all she does though. if you don’t have a blog, or maybe you don’t have a logo, she’ll work with you to create something that you love. She even has ready made non-logo tiles available from her site. Aren’t these cool?

Be sure to have a look around, check out all the different blogs she’s done work for, and read some of the happy customer comments in the testimonials page. Who knows, maybe your blog logo or other custom design is next! Oh and if you do have a tile made by Renee, be sure to let me know where you post the picture and I’ll share it with everyone on Craft Gossip!

Check out all of Renee’s cool custom tile designs on Kudos Kitchen.


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