Giveaway: DecoArt prize package!

In honor of National Craft Month, the wonderful folks at DecoArt have offered this fun prize package to one lucky reader! This prize package includes:

2 8-oz bottles of Americana paint
8 oz bottle of Weathered Wood crackle medium
8 oz bottle of Glazing Medium

Simply leave a comment on this post and tell us which DecoArt products are your favorites, and which ones you are dying to try! Tell us all about it before March 23rd at midnight CST!

As much as we would love to include our Canadian and international friends I’m afraid this giveaway is restricted to those with a U.S. mailing address. If you live outside of the U.S. but have an address within the U.S. that we can ship to then you’re in! Otherwise, we truly apologize. You must be 18 or older to enter. Winner will be randomly selected on March 24th and notified via email. Winner will have 72 hours to respond with their shipping address, otherwise an alternate winner will be drawn. Good luck!

Please note, all prizes will be shipped at the conclusion of our National Craft Month celebration. Winners should allow 4-6 weeks for delivery after April 1, 2011.

Keep your eyes peeled for more fun to celebrate National Craft Month!


  1. Diane S. says

    I love their Americana acrylic paint-I use it all the time! Would love to try the Weathered wood crackle medium! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Jeanne says

    I excited to try out all the new, beautiful colors for 2011 and the Decou-page product looks great too! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. Peg Linge says

    Love the paints!! I am a little nervous to try the weathered wood crackle medium….something fantastic would be made of i, I am sure!

  4. Leah says

    The weathered wood crackle medium sounds like so much fun! I really love the shabby chic look, and this product would lend itself easily to that style!

  5. says

    I love Decoart Products I always get such wonderful results. The colors are true and they do not fade over time like others do, I cant wait to try the crackle medium…I have several projects that require aging and the look of distressed wood…I think this will be a awsome addition to my paint collection. Thank You so much for making wonderful products…keep them coming.

  6. says

    So excited to see this giveaway! Some of my paints were all dried up when I went to use them last weekend! I’ve never tried the crackle medium and I think that would be fun to experiment with!

  7. says

    Love to try them all, because we just started craft hours for children with their parents and we are always in need of paints and I know the kids will love the glitter :)

  8. Dennis says

    I would love to try the glass paint. I have used them all I think except the glass enamel. This is a great giveaway. Thank you.

  9. Peggy Jones says

    I love Deco-Art paint-it is smooth and creamy and covers wonderfully. Plus, the Deco-Art Company is so supportive of all areas of the craft industry, it is my go-to brand. I would love to try the Traditions mediums and paints.

  10. says

    I love the gloss enamels, they give my various art projects a little something extra. I would like to try the crackle and weathered wood though…

  11. Joyce Weatherford says

    I work with 4 special needs adults in a greeting card enterprise. I’m fairly new to crafting but would love to try all the products with my group so they can try new techniques in crafting besides just greeting cards.

  12. Karen Norris says

    i love the paints always needing new colors i have not used the crackle medium in a long time. i would like to try the glaze

  13. Merry Jo says

    I have used the Americana paint and have been pleased with he results. The glazing medium looks interesting

  14. Ricki Duke says

    I love the paints already and would like to try the wood crackle. That sounds like a great craft waiting to happen.

  15. Jan says

    I have used the paints on whirley gigs and bird houses. Love ’em!!
    I would like to try the crackle paint, i think it would all a lot to my projects.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win these!,

  16. Pamela Gilbert says

    I try to do alot of crafts, and would love to win the paint and craft set. We have just moved and it would help with the decorating of different things for the new house. I love to try new things and enjoy sharing.

  17. Glenda M says

    Cool giveaway. I would love to try your Weathered Wood crackle medium
    and the Glazing Medium. I love painting and could really use these.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. says

    I love this paint! – It coats so much better than others I have used. the crackle medium is something I have never tried but knowing the quality of these paints I am sure it works wonderfully

  19. Bridget Lewis says

    Please Please Please Please!! I need to beef up my paint supply something feirce and have always wanted to try the wood stuff!!

  20. says

    I think the weathered wood crackle medium sounds like it would make great backgrounds. I’ve never tried this kind of paint before so this would be a great way to try it all out!

  21. says

    I love their acrylic paints, but I would love to try some of their other products. The Texture Crackle would be great on a project I’m about to start, and I’d love to try the Dazzling Metallics, Glamour Dust Glitter Paint and the One Step Crackle. I have so many ideas now!

  22. Nancy says

    I love the paints. My husband is making me a bench to put by our front door and I would love to try using the weathered wood medium on it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Christen Wiehe says

    I love the paints! They’re so affordable and such great colors~ My mom and I both have ideas we’d love to try the crackle medium with!

  24. Coleen says

    I use antique medium a lot, great medium… (should have bought stock I guess 😉 There are a lot I haven’t tried, time to branch out!! Thank you for the great creative products!!

  25. Crystal says

    My kids and I like to paint a scene on glass jars to put pecans from our trees in for gifts. I would like to try the crackle for the whole jar!

  26. Marilyn Tucker says

    I love their paints and would love to try the weathered wood crackle medium. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. Debbie says

    LOVE their crackle medium – and I use these paints regularly. Thanks for the opportunity to replenish my stock!

  28. lynne watson says

    americana paints are super in flowing onto my art projects, I love the finish look. Always depend on the quailty of these fine paints. I used the patio paints for my pots at Mothers Day when I make lovely pots filled with new plants for special friends. thank you for this opportunity to enter to win some for free. I would like to try your weathered paint, looks like a promising enterprise…thanks lynne

  29. Gig Coleman says

    I love to have this stuff on hand. I have an MASSIVE and complicated nativity, which needs touching up now and again. My paint stash is getting painfully thing.

  30. Katherine says

    I love the crackle medium and the acrylic paints and use them A LOT. I would love to try the glass paint – it looks fascinating. Great giveaway – thank you!

  31. Deb says

    I love the crackling paint and what it can do on any surface that you put it on…from boxes to wood to ceremics, and as far as the glazing med, it just adds to the eyes on a ceremic piece…

  32. Dawn Fausett says

    Awesome!! What a GREAT giveaway!! I’ve got tons of projects that these products would finish up in a minute~

  33. Becky Green says

    Well, my favorite product would be Americana Acrylic paints & I would LOVE to try the Glass Stains!!!! :)

  34. Kathi S. says

    You just can’t have too many paints in my craft cave. The weathered wood paint looks like another project happening in my imagination. Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. Tracy Nixon says


    My favourite products would be the Spring Paints from The Seasonal Paint Range. I love getting my four young children involved in making cards for family at Special times and these paints would make great Easter cards!

    I’d love to try the Styroform along with the Magikote surface coating. I love working with clay and Fimo and I have never heard of this new Styroform! It looks great and my mind is already think of ideas for what I could make with it!!!

    Thanks for the great comp xxx

  36. says

    My boyfriend and I both regularly use the Americana acrylics on various projects. I would love to try the wood crackle and can’t wait to try the SoSoft fabric paint! :-)

  37. says

    The Dazzling Metallics line is fabulous & I would love to try out the crackle medium. That would be a great final treatment to a wooden tray I’ve been tinkering with…just not happy with how it looks yet.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. Judi L says

    I love using these paints…the cover so well, hardly ever need a 3rd coat! I’m dying to try the Patio Paints…I have 4 pots for the patio :,) I want to paint, and would love to win them since $$ are going into the gas tank now! HAPPY CRAFTING Everyone!

  39. Evelene Sterling says

    My favorite are the Americana paints. I’ve never tried the glazing medium. Happy St Patrick’s Day and may the luck of the Irish be with me so I can win these great products. bimbi9 at verizon dot net

  40. Tiffany says

    I love all the paints, the finished product they give me is wonderful. Also, I really want to try the glass painting products. Thank you for this chance!!!

  41. Deborah says

    I use their Americana paints and their Patio Paints all the time but I would love to try their weathered wood.

  42. patty says

    i use alot of differen kinds of paint to make a lot of wooden projects love trying different kinds and colors thanks

  43. ChrisTea says

    Wow. DecoArt has me totally confused. I’ve been looking for colors to paint a design on an old white dresser in my bedroom. I had specific colors in mind … before I saw the DecoArt colors!
    Now instead of two colors, I have seven. Ok, maybe nine. Thank you for the chance to win and try out these products!

  44. Heather A. says

    I would LOVE to win this package! I truly enjoy to paint and believe you can never have too much paint!

  45. says

    I’ve used many of your Americana paints, and would LOVE to try your weathered wood crackle medium. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  46. MJ Stanbro says

    I use the DecoArt products for all my decorative painting. The glazing medium is especially good for giving the finished product an attractive sheen:)

  47. says

    I love the DecoArt line of Americana acrylic paints, especially the bright colors that absolutely pop. I’ve used DecoArt’s paints on everything from a plastic trash can to the nails of a hand I made from soap. I am eager to try out their “crackle” medium as part of a new Decoupage project I’m planning to work on. :)

  48. Marcia Clark says

    I love decoart paints! I would love to also try the crackle medium. I also woould like to try the dimensional glass writer too!

  49. Janet Pierce says

    I love the Americana Paints but would love to try the Weathered wood paint. Thanks for the giveaway.

  50. DeeAnn says

    Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to try Crackle Medium and Glazed Medium. I love Americana Paints. One of my favorite craft companies.

  51. says

    I love using the DecoArt acrylic paints. Their coverage is better than other craft acrylic paints. Weathered Wood gives such an interesting texture. I have never tried the glazing medium and would love to.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  52. Betsy Pratt says

    I love DecoArt paints. I’ve used their craft paints lots of times and would like to try the crackle medium.

  53. says

    I love to paint… I just wish I was good at it. :-)

    I would so love to try the weathered wood. I’ve seen others use it in their projects and it looks great. I’d like to give it a go.

  54. Jennifer Cheek-Payan says

    I use DecoArt paint products all the time and am very happy with the quality and selection. I actually use all of the products offered in this give away often and (even the wheathed wood crackle mediumt) and have always been happy with the results! Thanks for the chance to win!

  55. says

    I love all the colors we finished my daughters rm We painted art deco designs on head board,dressers and makeup table.thx can’t wait to try the wood crackle…”craft away”

  56. Emily Carter says

    I love to paint – at least when I can paint without helpers! My kids love to use these paints as much as I do. The colors are true and last even with ‘boy-handling.’ Great product – thanks for the chance to win!

  57. says

    I would love to try the glow in the dark dimensional writer…I’m thinking funky embellishments on my boy’s clothes to room decorations!

  58. lexi heath says

    oooh i love paints all of them. i am wanting to try some crackling techniques and weatgering so please pick me!!!!

  59. Jacque Bruce says

    I’ve never tried a crackle finish before…would love to check out that crackle medium in the pack!

  60. Sandra Hollenbeak says

    I was just looking at a cabinet I have to make a jewelry cabinet and I wanted it crackle finish, this would be the perfect prize pack to win.

  61. Angela Ingalls says

    My 7 year old daughter and I do alot of crafts for 4H project from wood to ceramic and this is the most handiest paint to have around you are able to use it on just about anything. Would love to win this prize.

  62. ColleenB. says

    Thank U 4 this opportunity.
    I love the paints but would like to try the Glazing medium and the Weathered Wood crackle medium

  63. Sharon R Lowery says

    I use the regular Deco acrylic all the time but I have never tried the weathered or the crackle! I wanna win!

  64. Pamela Gilbert says

    My husband and I just moved, and I would love to use these in decorating our house. I love to add our own designs to our home and make it much more warm and inviting.

  65. Faye Mcghee says

    My craft group is always needing supplies. We help need children and don’t have a lot of funds to to replenish what we need to work with. These paints would really be a big help in our work. Thanks forthe offer.

  66. Maria Adams says

    I’v tried the acrylics and now I would love to try any others. From glass to wood.. anything would work to inspire me.

  67. Audra says

    I have never used the DecoArt products brand before, but one quick look at the website and I know that I’d like to try the “AMERICANA CANVAS GEL” right off the bat. Thanks for the chance to win something new to try!

  68. evelyn hall says

    I would love to try the weathered wood and crackle items…i have some wood I would love to try these out on with some craft items I also have I could use them on…WOW…I would love to win this pkg! I have so many uses and could post pics of what I did…please consider me..SO COOOOOOL!!

  69. Deborah says

    I love their paints and use them all the time, but have not yet tried dimensional or glass.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  70. Jen says

    these all look so fun. I’ve used the acrylic, but as others have said, the weathered wood would be fun to play with.

  71. Beth says

    Other paints are inferior compared to your paints and mediums.I absolutely love the way Americana paints and pigments cover surfaces so smoothly,especially on my gourds :)

    Thanks for considering me for this offer!
    Beth,the Colorado Gourd-Mother

  72. Patti says

    oh please, oh please, oh please!!! There is nothing better than new craft supplies and paints are the best!!!!

  73. nina d. says

    Would love the opportunity to try crackle on a modern dresser – think it would be an eclectic combo of old and new


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