Giveaway: Gorilla Glue!

In our ongoing month of giveaways in honor of National Craft Month, our friends at Gorilla Glue have offered this fun prize pack! But don’t worry, if you aren’t the winner of this pack, you’ll have another chance later this month! This prize package includes original Gorilla Glue, super glue, their dries white formula, epoxy glue, wood glue, Gorilla tape and a fun Gorilla Glue t-shirt!

Simply leave a comment on this post and tell us how you have used Gorilla Glue in the past or how you plan to use it! You’ll be amazing at how many projects you’ll use these glues on and how well they hold up. Leave your comment before March 12th at midnight CST!

Not quite sure? Here are some ideas. I made this Wooden Letter Family Sign using Gorilla Glue’s super glue to attach the hanger and the letters to the sign. I used the dries white formula to make this milk glass cake plate. Gail from My Repurposed Life used Gorilla Glue wood glue to repair an old veneer headboard. She also used original Gorilla Glue and Gorilla tape in making this subway art for her aunt. Once you start using Gorilla Glue, there will be no stopping you! :)


As much as we would love to include our Canadian and international friends I’m afraid this giveaway is restricted to those with a U.S. mailing address. If you live outside of the U.S. but have an address within the U.S. that we can ship to then you’re in! Otherwise, we truly apologize. You must be 18 or older to enter. Winner will be randomly selected on March 13th and notified via email. Winner will have 72 hours to respond with their shipping address, otherwise an alternate winner will be drawn. Good luck!

Be sure to check out our section for National Craft Month for other great ideas, tutorials and fun!


  1. Vicky says

    I like the cake stand you made. It has given me some ideas for doing something with the odds and ends I have inherited that I only have one or two pieces of.

  2. Susan Bartel says

    I used Gorilla Glue to make a centerpiece for our town’s Historical Musuam’s anual Spring Tea. I found a small brass candleabra..and glues miniature teacups to each arm, then filled the teacups with lily of the valley. I thought it was fun and cute.

  3. Debbie French says

    My husband and I are using the wood glue on our new craft project. The project is Small Wooden Potporri Boxes. They are decorative with delicate cut outs on the attatched lid. The Glue is used to hold pieces in place.

  4. Mandie says

    I use it to complete most of my craft projects around the house. I made a stocking hanger during the holidays and used Gorilla Glue to keep the hangers on.

  5. Shannon says

    I have used Gorilla Glue for a countless number of things… One time, I used it to glue my daughters glasses back together because I didn’t want to buy her a new pair. It worked great. Actually, I don’t think the glasses ever broke after that!

  6. tammi says

    My family loves Gorilla Glue – I have used it when making costumes for the community theater when sewing (or time) really wasn’t an option. It holds up through lots of wear and tear. My husband uses it when making or repairing furniture and my daughter uses it making jewelry. Dries well and holds up super!

  7. Edie Evans says

    I use it for texture underneath acrylic paints – when heated with a heat tool it does lovely things!


  8. says

    Let’s see… I’ve used Gorilla Glue for repairing broken thinks around the house, mosaics, wood project, and so many other ways in DIY projects!

  9. Anne says

    I’ve never used it because I do not live in the USA. However I know my Uncle would find a whole number of uses for it!

  10. says

    Gorilla Glue is my go to glue. This glue really holds and has held somethings when other glues have failed. I have not tried the
    other items in this giveaway but I am certain they would be great!

  11. judy says

    I have used gorilla glue on wood before, but I the superglue is great to fix broken glass items(like a glass lampshade!)

  12. Amy Smedley says

    In the garden, in the kitchen, in the workroom, in the craft room – that’s where you will find a bottle of Gorilla Glue in my house. My kids and hubby know where to get the glue. “Don’t ask ME,” I tell them. “You know where the glue is.” This is a FIY, fix it yourself household. Go Get the Gorilla Glue!

  13. Teresa says

    I love Gorilla Glue for making woodcrafts. I never worry about it holding. I would love the opportunity to try their other products. Thanks!

  14. LisaT says

    I’ve never tried Gorilla Glue, from the good things I’ve read in other folks posts, I’ll have to give it a try.

  15. Shari says

    I have a favorite pair of shoes that I love to wear. Unfortunately, the soul is coming apart at the toe area…Gorilla Glue to the rescue. Just a little dab keeps the soul in place and it’s way cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes when these are perfectly good otherwise. I also use it when I have a paper cut or if my fingers have cracked skin because of the cold weather. Just squeeze the cut together, ask someone to apply a tiny bit of super glue, and let dry. It works better than any band-aid and stays on long enough for the cut to heal. I’m sure that’s probably not one of the ways it’s recommended to be used for, but it works great!

  16. Lin Shultz says

    My husband made furniture for our granddaughter’s American Girl dolls. The Gorilla wood glue will hold the little rocking chairs together for countless hours of dolly rocking!

  17. says

    I’ve used gorilla glue to fix circular knitting needles that have separated from their cables. I’ve only used the original GG but would love to try their other products.

  18. Jackie says

    I have never used Gorilla Glue but I would like to use it in the many crafts I make. I also would like to try it on some repairs.

  19. says

    I do lots of paper crafting and I haven’t really found a glue that I like. My husband often does woodworking projects so between us we can always use glue. Thanks for the chance!

  20. Joan says

    I use Gorilla Glue for EVERYTHING! It holds the best…I have used it on shoes, books, outdoor toys, you get the idea :)

  21. says

    Gorilla GLue is my got to for almost everything. I have fixed furniture and used it for heavy duty crafting. I just bought some to use on a glass sculpture I plan to make for the garden this spring.

  22. Layne Davis says

    I have been very unsatisfied with the glues I have been using. I look forward to giving gorilla glue a try.

  23. Sholauna Stautz says

    I’ve never tried it, but we are in the process of buying a new home–a fixer upper. I can see this helping out a lot!

  24. Michelle in NJ says

    Seriously never used Gorilla Glue but have seen it in stores. Would use for some wood crafts and wreaths where I need a SUPER DUPER hold! Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Layne Davis says

    I’ve been very unsatisfied with the glues I’ve been using. I look forward to trying Gorilla glue.

  26. Karen Huber says

    I used to use Gorilla Glue on library books. I have used it to glue glass, wood, jewelry, everything. I love it!

  27. says

    I use Gorilla glue to stick down heavier pieces in mixed media art. Haven’t tried their other products but would love to.


  28. says

    I would love to try Gorilla Glue, but it is cost prohibitive on my budget. I know that sounds ridiculous to others, but it’s not if you have to live it. I would love to use it in my crafting (to keep things from just falling apart after I have spent hours working on something) or just as an all around the house solution to “sticky” problems!!

  29. Debra - Naples, FL says

    I use thes products to get things on the “Honey Do List done”. You ask how I just buy one of these products – my hubbie thinks he is getting a great new toy and find some things to fix. I would love to win this gift to give to him.

  30. Nic ole says

    I used Gorilla Glue to attach beadboard to the front of my ugly laminate kitchen cabinets. I help up for years!

  31. Lisa Garrett says

    My husband and I have used the wood glue on many many projects around the house. We are always repairing something. Love it.

    lag110 at mchsi dot com

  32. VickiT says

    We used Gorilla Glue when remodelling my sewing room. We needed to attach a large board onto the top of a dump cart purchased from a store going out of business to create a work surface on top so it could be used for my sewing table. Using Gorilla Glue to do that worked like a charm. Great stuff. I’m no longer using that table but we moved it to another room where my son when he was home from college used it as his desk for his computer.

  33. Shelly E says

    Funny this is todays prize! Last night my husband was trying to add air to our yoga ball and he broke the tip of the pump! We didnt have th appropraite type of glue to fix it, I am sure that somewhere in that huge gift basket of glue the right kind is there to fix our air pump!

  34. says

    What a fabulous give away!!
    I’ve used Gorilla Glue to fix some picture frames but that has been the extend of it for me. My hubby uses it as he’s a furniture maker but, boy, would I like to have my own ‘stash’!!!
    Thank you!

  35. Bethany Pitman says

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve used gorilla glue to glue my daughters dolls arm on after it fell off.

  36. Joanne Valcourt says

    I use gorilla glue for everything from cup handles to all my craft projects, jewelry, and anything that needs a little glue to fix , it is the best glue on the market today

  37. says

    I have many projects on going around the house and could use Gorilla Glue on all of them. Thank you for offering this give away…hope I luck out and win this wonderful assortment of adhesives!

  38. Bev Bailey says

    I try to never throw anything away, so when something breaks, I always try to repair it, so I am pretty constantly using glue of some kind. I have use gorilla glue before and would love to have some more to keep my things together!!!

  39. Mary Camp says

    the first time i ever used Gorilla Glue it was to repair a birdfeeder i had that had come apart in windy weather…that was about 6 years ago and it is still holding strong!!!!!!!
    love it !!

  40. TaMara says

    Gorilla glue is greeeeeaaaaat!! I used it to glue the sole of a child’s shoe back on. Worked through hard play and even rain and mud! Awesome!

  41. LeAnn says

    Wow…I have used Gorilla glue for a number of things. Always keep some around but would love to have that great selection. Good luck to me!!

  42. Maureen says

    I have used it for “mending” fabric and other clothing items in a pinch. I have also used it in the past for crafts.

  43. Jessica says

    My husband used the gorilla wood glue to make a train table for our son out of scrap pieces of wood from his work’s shop! It turned out amazing and he used pieces of would that would have just been thrown out!

  44. Laura says

    I have never used Gorilla Glue before, bbut I would like to use it to fix a wooden chair leg that is coming out.

  45. says

    After finding and using Gorilla Glue, we have thrown all the other fixatives away! Gorilla works on everything we have tried it on. Great stuff and makes our lives much easier with 4 active Grandkids who come over and leave with a few things broken.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this kit.

  46. IRMA C POLANCO says

    I love gorilla glue because I use it a lot in my jewelry projects and to repair my kids’toys,is very efficient.

  47. Sara says

    With two small children, I am always in search of glue that works. I’d love to try the Gorilla glue. Thanks!

  48. says

    I have never used Gorilla Glue but I always see it in the store and am very interested in trying it! I have a lot of wood items I like to paint and glue on things!

  49. says

    I’ve never used Gorilla Glue but would love to give it a try! We’re always breaking things or making things so I’m sure we’d find many many uses for it! I have a 10 year old rocking chair that fell apart on me, I’d love to try and repair it with the Gorilla Glue!

  50. Rose B says

    I made my Halloween eye masque with Gorilla Glue and it was a great hit! So easy to use! Dries quick and everything stays put !!!

  51. Cindi says

    My almost 93 year old dad swears by
    Gorilla Glue! I remember he read about
    it in his Handyman Magazine and all of
    us have been using the product since
    My family has used it to repair broken
    toys, furniture, my pottery and in
    many ways outdoors (deck furniture,
    my garden ornaments, etc.!~
    I would love to share this prize package
    with my family.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  52. Kat says

    The last time I used Gorilla Glue was to fix a beach umbrella someone left at the beach I work at. I now have a fixed 85.00 beach umbrella for the price of a bottle of gorilla glue. I love the stuff.

  53. Laurel Reiter says

    I love gorilla glue! I have used it to fix a broken lamp and in craft projects. I would love to have a box full of it!

  54. Roxanna Smith says

    I made a “catch-all” basket for my mother. The base was a rectangular (6″ x 8″ x 4″ tall) wooden basket that I bought @ Hobby Lobby and then stained mahogany. I got some 3″ tall letters “M-O-M” which I painted yellow. I used the original Gorilla Glue to attach the letters to the basekt. Worked like a charm — still sticking now, 4 years later!! I sure hope I win as I have run out & need to “re-stock”. Roxanna S……………..

  55. says

    I used it for repairing a toilet lid. I also have some fabric scissors that are waiting for an application since the handle broke off!

  56. Monica Van de Loo says

    We turn to Gorilla Glue for ALL our adhesive needs when tape wont do. We have Gorilla Glued our plastic folding table frame to the underside of the table for added strength when it was showing wear and tear from too many camping trips. We turn to it for our daughters Physics projects, whether it be a mousetrap car or candle powered, aluminum can boat. :0)

  57. Melinda Wilson says

    My son broke an eagle statue the other day and I need to glue the wing back on. He picked it up when he was in Mexico and really want to keep it.

  58. Anne V says

    I have used Gorilla Glue in the past to secure metal embellishments to my art quilts. I have also used it many times to repair thrift store and garage sale furniture and goodies that follow me home, begging for fixing ;)!

  59. Karen Farley says

    I have 6 English Bulldogs at home and they are always breaking something. I use Gorilla to fix or patch up everything!!!!!! It cannot be beat.

  60. Karen says

    I’ve never used Gorilla Glue before but have wanted to try it on various things around the house that need some fixin’. I see their ads in magazines all the time for GG. I have also wanted to make the tiered treat plate thing I have seem around the blogosphere for some time now. :-) I need to get on that.

  61. Darcy P says

    I love Gorilla Glue ! I can mend anything broken around the house–usually the handles on my favorite coffee cups !

  62. Vena Oliver says

    I have never had any Gorilla Glue of my own, my dad has used it to fix my kitchen stools for me. They have held together for 5 years now! He also used some of your tape on many things of his own and said he wouldn’t be without it! I would love to win this to have my own!

  63. marianne says

    I have used GG to repair my kitchen drawers. When I needs something to hold on strong it’s my go to glue.

  64. Peggie says

    I have never tried this glue and just started seeing it. I would use this glue on all the items falling apart in the house, like the wooden door that just fell off my cabinet and hubby has yet to fix. I think this would be perfect to hold it together.

    I do crafts as well as sewing and want a good glue that works. I think this sounds perfect!

    Thanks for the chance!

  65. says

    I would use Gorilla glue to make a cute cake/cupcake stand out of salvaged items… Fancy plates, and travel shotglasses, I think, would make a nice little combination!

  66. says

    I am a big fan of gorilla glue. I have used it to glue my dining room chair back together, used it to glue glass pieces together to make a cake plate, used it to glue frame on frame to make my own shadowbox effect, plus more. My hubby even used it to glue our rear view mirror back up on the windshield after it fell off. Hasn’t fallen off yet – it’s been on for almost 6 months now and withstands the harsh temperatures of a car (both hot and cold).

    I could definitely use more gorilla glue. Can never have enough … cuz you just never know.

  67. says

    My first encounter with Gorilla Glue was while working at an interior design studio. I used it to attach trim to lamp shades, repair ceramic and wood display items and repair resource books.
    Now, I make jewelry from scrap leather and reused leather belts. Gorilla Glue works well on leather and small jewelry parts I want to attach to my cuffs.I can be assured my customers get well made, high quality jewelry.

  68. Elena says

    I repaired my daughter’s bookshelf with Gorilla Glue – worked like a charm! We always keep some on hand, you never know when you’ll need it!

  69. CA Deen says

    My husband is a woodworker and a carver so he uses Gorilla Glue extensively. He likes to reconstruct old tables, chairs, etc and loves Gorilla Glue for these projects.

  70. says

    My husband LOVES Gorilla Glue and Gorilla Tape!! He has glued our coffee table back together after a grandson wrestling incident, glued various household tool handles back together, glued handles back on my craft tools, used it on some of my stubborn craft projects and glued trim on tables used to display his growing plant collection. He loves his gorilla tape, and I’m not allowed to use it… I’m only permitted to use the “regular” duct tape when I need to tape something, so I definitely need my own Gorilla collection!!

  71. Amanda Clemons says

    I have never tried gorilla glue. I use glue on a daily basis and would love to give it a try.

  72. Diane S. says

    Most recently used Gorilla Glue to fix old old dining room chairs that keep falling apart-and I used it to fix a candle warmer that my kitties decided to break!

  73. ChrisB says

    My word, LOL, I glue everything…. boards for shelving to the simplest scrapbook project. Gluing and painting.. my 2 favorite things to do. :-)

  74. Kelly W says

    I use Gorilla Glue to hold the mirrors that I out into my jewelry boxes. It holds great and I never have trouble with it sticking to the top of the bottle or drying up in the bottle. Gooooood stuff.

  75. Norma says

    My late father told me about gorilla glue several years ago- he was a piano technician and used it all the time in piano part repairs and household projects- he loved it and sold me on it! I have 4 kids, so I’ve used it for all kinds of repairs and love it!

  76. Lorraine says

    I have never used Gorilla glue. As a mom, I seem to need super glue to fix little toys all of the time.

  77. theresa says

    What haven’t I made using this great product??? however I still have quite a few projects waiting in the wings and this gift pack would come in very handy

  78. Jeanne says

    I’ve heard so many great things about Gorilla Glue…I can’t wait to try it on all my projects starting with my son’s desk! Thanks!

  79. Ann F says

    I used Gorilla Glue to fix my Great Grandmother’s wooden rocking chair. The armrests were always loosening and we tried several different glues, but they kept coming loose. Finally we tried Gorilla Glue and they haven’t come loose since.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  80. says

    Hej :o)

    I need it for a bracelet I am making at the moment. The leather ends should be glued to some silverendings.
    I also need glue for my bike cycle tube projects, making earings, hairbands and other great stuff

  81. Paula says

    I have been wanting to try Gorilla Glue by making a cake stand from found objects like candle sticks and plates. Hope I win!

  82. Laura says

    I am an all around handy craft person who collects curb treasures as I go about my day. So, I use all the different Gorilla glues to bring my treasures back to a useful life again. I could not do it without them. Thanks

  83. Katherine says

    I have been looking for a good glue that can handle more than one medium – I’m tired of needing one glue for glass, another for wood, a third for paper…I’m even just tired of tying my tiredness. lol

    Sadly, I have an entire box of things waiting to be fixed with a good glue. I have a feeling this is my chance…I’m so hoping I can win!

    Thank you for the excellent giveaway!

  84. nitasha says

    I would like to use Gorilla Glue to repair some wooden frames that I have in my garage and a cute calendar dry erase board that was accidentally dropped! I have a long list of things that NEED Gorilla Glue so I hope I’m the lucky girl to win this fab giveaway!

  85. Ila East says

    I learned something today. I was not aware of how many different types of Gorilla Glue there are. I have not used it much, but if I won this assortment I know that I would find lots and lots of uses for them.

  86. Betty Jo says

    We use Gorilla glue for many wood projects as a 4H leader there are always projects we use it for . I have used it for fixing furniture and making bird houses.

  87. Susan Lafrentz says

    Every house needs adhesives! I recently met a lady in a beauty shop that was having a manicure and she gave me a great idea for fixing a cracked nail…..super glue and toliet paper. If I win some super glue, I may give it a try one day!

  88. Shirley Hodge says

    Have used other glues to make my old fashioned lamps for table decorations but used Gorilla glue this time when making decorations for our senior citizens dinner a couple of weeks ago and it is so much better. To make them just glue various sizes of plastic food containers such as margerine tubs and frozen topping tubs and yogurt tubs et al together in a nice configuration, then spray paint it black and glue on a metal holder to hold a hurricane lamp globe (you can get these at any craft store) insert a candle and you have a nice table decoration that is cheap and pretty. You can paint them any color to fit your scheme and add sprigs of flowers or greens or whatever. Make sure the bottom container is weighted with pebbles or dried beans or something to make the thing stable after it is glued to counterweight the candle and globe or it will be top heavy.

  89. Billye O'Connor says

    We used the G. Glue for our fireplace. A large piece of Tile almost fell off and we glued it back using the GG. Worked perfectly.

    Planning on trying it with some of the tiles around our pool.


  90. Linda says

    My granddaughters are just getting to the age where they love to do crafts on a regular basis. Gorilla Glue will be a nice addition to the supply cabinet.

  91. Denny says

    I have used the epoxy to mount magnets to my bottle cao fridge magnets, alsi I have secured bails to them as well, great all rounder.

  92. Dennis says

    You want to know how good this glue is, I used it to put the handle back on my skillet about 3 years ago and it is still holding. I have used it to glue soles on shoes, I use it a lot one of the best I have found. Thank them for this wonderful giveaway and hope I am the winner.

  93. Glenda says

    We have used Gorilla Glue for just about everything we want to permanently stay together. It’s biggest project was some things in the new bathroom that needed a super heavy duty glue to keep them in place (like one wall LOL). If you haven’t tried this glue you are missing out big time. It is the best glue on the market.
    Sure hope I win this fabulous giveaway.

  94. yvonne hurt says

    i have used gorilla glue on soooooo many projects …im not sure where to begin…but i love the gorilla shes the best at gluin` whats put to the test!

  95. Debbie Painter says

    I haven’t personally used it, but I have heard great things about it! I would love to win to try it out first hand, thanks for the chance to win!

  96. says

    I have used Gorilla Glue in my mixed media art that I create! It’s the perfect glue for attaching buttons, pieces of jewelry and other elements to my art canvases! I’d love to win this basket of Gorilla Glue products. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

  97. ChrisTea says

    I have been reading about Gorilla Glue for awhile, but I live in a very small town and haven’t found it yet. I have heard good things and would love to try it in my crafting. Thanks for the chance!

  98. Missy says

    We just used Gorilla Tape to fix a sump-pump that was bailing out our severely flooded basement less than a week ago! If we had had Gorilla Glue, we would have used that instead. As parents and DIYers, Gorilla brand products are a must-have!

  99. Deborah says

    I love Gorilla Glue, we have every kind of it in our Studio I think. I use the Super Glue to glue bails to my fused glass jewelry and it holds fantastic. My husband uses it on a lot of his wood working projects. I use it when I forget to put a hanger on the back of a mosaic piece and can’t hammer on it once it is done. Gorilla Glue is a real life saver.
    My husband works at an old fashion hardware store and Gorilla Glue is what they recommend more than any other type for all sorts of things, there are so many kinds that do so many things.
    I even have a Gorilla Glue T-shirt!

  100. Mary Elderton says

    I have used Gorilla glue on so many things! I’ve strengthened wobbly chairs, reinforced picture frame, done many, many craft projects with the kids.

  101. Toya Charles says

    “what haven’t I used it on”? I didn’t realize there were so many other types of Gorilla Glue. I’ve used it on baseboards, metal grate on the outside of the house, and earring back. Wheww I could go on!!!

  102. Theron N.Willis says

    I would use Gorilla Glue for various arts and crafts. I’d like to make a Chinese style dragon head using crepe paper glued to cardboard.

    Hope to win!

  103. Michelle Robertson says

    Honestly, I’ve never used Gorilla Glue. Wasn’t sure how it could be used. Love to try some.

  104. Cathleen Finch says

    I am always using Gorilla Glue, but the very latest thing I used it on was a statuary of the French Embassy in Washington D.C. I went to a fabulous, but expensive store going out of business. The statuary was originally priced $189.00, but a corner was broken, but still hanging on. I got it for $2.00, fixed it yesterday with Gorilla Glue and it looks perfect and beautiful on a shelf in my living room. I do a lot of repairs and crafts and the Gorilla Glue Family for each of my needs.

  105. Shari J says

    I haven’t had a chance to use Gorilla myself because my husband and grown son keep it in their workshop and will not share. I know they have used it for fixing shoes when the soles pull away and on some camping gear. I would like my own supply so I can make them jealous….they don’t have all of this variety.

  106. crystal says

    A few years ago i was given a beautiful large (but broken) outdoor ceramic pot and was excited to try to repair it. a co-worker had told me about gorilla glue and to my amazement it worked beautifully! For over four years it has withstood spring, summer, fall & winter on my patio! i wouldn’t be without gorilla glue!

  107. sharon chretien says

    It was my husband who introduced me to gorilla glue. He made a table top with 3 boards put together and wanted to make it look like it was 1 board and he used gorilla glue. I wanted to do the same thing but wanted to try my glue, tightbond wood glue. So I made a table top too using my glue. We compared the tops and it was so obvious that gorilla glue was the better glue when it came to gluing the boards together after they were held together by clamps. His board looks like one piece while mine well…you can see the seams where I connected the boards. Gorilla glue is the WINNER!! Cheers! Sharon Chretien :)

  108. says

    My husband has used Gorilla Glue for years. I recently snuck into his stash and used some to repair a crack in handle of my kitchen shears. Great stuff!

  109. Renee Concolino says

    My son used Gorilla Glue to fasten the weight onto the back of his Pinewood Derby car, he came in 2nd place. Not sure if the Gorilla Glue helped…but it certainly didn’t hurt.

  110. says

    I’ve never used Gorilla Glue, but I know that the Epoxy is something that would really come in handy here with all of the things we have to fix in this house. :)

  111. says

    What haven’t I used Gorilla Glue on/for is more like it in my world! I do a lot of fix ‘er up and make beautiful once again furniture and I can count on it to secure spindles and joints.

  112. says

    I LOVE Gorilla Glue! The handle of one of my pots got warped by heat and I was tightening the screw every time I used it to keep the handle on. One shot of gorilla glue about 4 years ago and I haven’t had any more problems with loose pothandles! I’ve repaired all sorts of things with gorilla glue, and keep a bottle at my craft table and use it pretty much every day. Gorilla Glue is the BEST choice for 3D collage art, it holds the little bits and pieces more securely than any other glue I’ve tried.

  113. says

    First we glued my daughters UF plate at one of those paint as u go places….she was heart broken when it broke.Then we fixed a very precious tea cup from Canada I wish I has some today so i could fix my other daughters picture frame……Thx for the opportunity!

  114. says

    I have used Gorrilla Glue on everything. As an avid crafter and Military wife. There is always an occasion in which you need to fix something that the movers might have broken. It is the first name in last minute fixes. I love Gorrilla GLue… pick me.

  115. says

    I use gorilla glue to make jewelry and for my craft projects! I’m almost out so this would be great to win! Thanks for the giveaway.

  116. Kelly Ann T. says

    I have used Gorilla glue for all kinds of projects. Last year my neice and I decorated a bowling pin for a charity fundraiser and we attached everything with Gorilla Glue. The Turkey turned out wonderfully.

  117. Mary Green says

    I love Gorilla Glue, use it a lot. I work at a craft store that sells it and recomend it daily.
    My latest project was glueing wooden letters spelling “live, Laugh, Love” on the steps of my new front porch

  118. Mariane Christian says

    I have not used this glue for crafting, but I don’t know why I never thought of it. I have used it to replace the heel on my shoe and to refasten a side mirror on the car. It really is a tough glue.

  119. Sophie says

    I’ve only just seen the brand mentioned in the past couple of months…I’m looking forward to seeing how well it works on paper beads….

  120. nina d. says

    Used gorilla glue to attach mosaic tiles for kitchen table project – worked much better than the “home improvement super-store” recommendation.

  121. Lynda E. says

    My husband and I actually repaired a huge split in the back of a guitar with Gorilla Glue – it’s amazing stuff!

  122. says

    The side mirror on our car had a collision with someone else’s side mirror on the highway in a bad snow storm a few years ago and ended up totally open on the back side of it. Since the area was black, I ran out and bought some Gorilla tape and it has covered up that big hole for at least three years now!

  123. Kimberly Doucette says

    ooooh. I would love to try out these different kinds of gorilla glue! I didn’t realize there was such a variety!

  124. Nic says

    My boyfriend is really into crafts and goes through glue like crazy! He’s currently making airplanes out of beer and pop cans so I know this would help him out!

  125. Amy says

    I’ve used Gorilla Glue for many home improvement projects. It’s so easy to use! The last project was gluing the wooden fronts back onto my kitchen drawers.

  126. Rona says

    My husband loves Gorilla Glue and has used it on lots of wood projects and repairs. I would love to do one of the cake plates! Very pretty and so unique!!

  127. david basile says

    i have fixed a couple of things with gorilla glue a ceramic statue a window latch a wall clock always seems to work fine

  128. says

    i have used this product many ways! Most recently to fix the bolted strip that holds the table to the wall in our 1966 15 foot trailer. With spring coming it will be used again to repair all the garden goods that got left outside when the deep freeze of winter hit us unexpectedly and broke or cracked.

  129. Jordan says

    I have never used the glue, but I know I will need it soon when I put together a victorian dollhouse for my daughters!!!!!!111111

  130. Jennifer P says

    I’m just starting out and a newbie to projects, so I haven’t gotten to use it yet but it’s on my list of things to get! I’ve heard such great things about it, I figure I need it on hand.

  131. Linda says

    I haven’t used Gorilla Glue yet, but I’ve been wanting to try it. :) The first thing I’d like to try it on is our hanging pole for our bird feeder. It’s got a broken piece that I’ve been meaning to reattach for a while.

  132. Denise B. says

    I have tried it a couple of times, but I have yet to master it. It foams up and comes out of the seams.

  133. says

    I literally squealed with delight when I saw this giveaway – I have spent far too much time staring at the Gorilla Glue display at the hardware store. I have always heard how amazing it all is, but there are so many options, I’m not sure where to start! I’d really like to make a little stand for my pooch’s food and water bowls, and I think I could probably just Gorilla Glue the pieces together rather than involving actual hardware! Plus, I am secretly lusting after the Gorilla Duct Tape – guess the secret’s out!

  134. Dena S says

    I use Gorilla Glue for everything that needs mending. I used it to glue the heels back on my boots, my son’s fishing pole that he snapped in half, some polyresin art pieces that my cats knocked over and broke, some christmas ornaments, a dresser drawer pull and much more. I could really use some more!

  135. Kashena says

    Gorilla Glue reminds me of my dad – we used to build balsa wood structures for a team problem-solving thing I used to do (Odyssey of the Mind) and Gorilla Glue was super strong and useful!

  136. Debbie C says

    I just used Gorilla Glue last weekend to fix two makeup brushes. The brush assemblies had come loose from the wooden handles. A little Gorilla Glue to each of them and they were fixed and will last forever, I bet.

    dchrisg3 @ gmail . com

  137. Christina says

    I use Gorilla Glue when I’m upholstering kitchen chairs – it really helps a lot, and is strong!

  138. Becki says

    I used Gorilla Glue for the first time when I attached a power strip to the A/V cart for my classroom.

  139. Linda Grow says

    Used Gorilla Glue to fix a kitchen chair that had broken. I have used it for a lot of different things. All I have used is the original; so I would like to try them all. Hoping I win. Thanks for the chance.

  140. Amanda D. says

    I have used Gorilla Glue for so many projects! Most unusual application was probably when I used it to reattach the sole on my boot. So thrilled it worked and that it has extended the lifespan of my favorite work boots.

    Thanks for the chance to win this prize pack!

  141. Jaan says

    A great giveaway. I could really use Gorilla Glue. I’m always breaking stuff and if it’s not me, my 10yr. old is doing it. And believe me do I have a ton of things that need repairing.

  142. Chrissy says

    There are so many things I want to try using gorilla glue! The first would have to be making cake plates for an upcoming party. Then, there are several things in my house that need to be fixed/glued back together and I haven’t found anything that works well yet. I’m hoping Gorilla Glue will do the trick! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  143. Gwen Parmer says

    basically, if my hot glue gun doesn’t stick it then i go straight for gorilla glue because it always does! if only it dried clear i could ditch the glue gun!

  144. Jenny says

    I made a rustic mirror by cutting branches and gluing them around an old mirrror I had on hand. Very happy with the result.

  145. Monica says

    I just used my gorilla glue to make some more pedestal bowls for a candy buffet :) I use it all the time and have recommended it to so many people for all different kinds of projects!

  146. Shaunda Eppes says

    We used Gorilla glue on a statue I gave my husband for our first anniversary that my younger son broke.
    Shaunda.Eppes at gmail dot com

  147. Rachel says

    My favorite headbands both broke this past month and I really would like to use Gorilla Glue to fix them, and possibly begin to create new headband designs!

  148. says

    We used some Gorilla wood glue at work to do some repairs and I was amazed at how good it was. I could definitely put any of it to good use at my home as its a fixer upper work in progress. Not to mention all the crafty uses I could put it to.

  149. Dave says

    A friend purchased a beautiful, large hand-carved wooden statue while visiting Malawi. Unfortunately, several pieces broke off on the plane ride home. Gorilla Glue to the rescue. He was able to reattach all the pieces and unless you look closely, you would never know the carving was broken.

  150. Paula Hafner says

    I’ve used to to fix toys, fix figurines the kids broke, and to make projects like fridge magnets.

  151. Kathryn says

    I use this glue for jewerly, beads etc. all so I make steampunk art useing old pop cans and all kinds of gears, hardware etc and this glue really sticks metal and wire and stuff like that togeather and it stays stuck. Have stuck stones togeather too. Works on just about any thing.

  152. clynsg says

    We have used it for various things in the past, but the one I am going to do next is to fasten down an air vent cover that has been broken loose from its insert.

  153. Liz says

    I need a glue that will stick different types of surfaces together and have not found one that I am happy with. I am told that Gorilla Glue is the one I should have been using all along. Very excited at the idea of finding the “right” glue.

  154. Deborah R says

    We recently used Gorella Glue and Tape during our bathroom remodel. I say we, but it was mostly my hubby lol.

  155. beverly mckinley says

    gorilla glue saved my wedding… no i didnt glue the groom to me although no one would put it past me the trane to my gown caught in the door and gorilla glue amde it invisible (the rip not the trane)

  156. Erin E says

    I have not used the Gorilla Glue, but I have used their tape and it is amazingly strong. I used it to hold up some shelving in my studio :)
    Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  157. Justine says

    I have used Gorilla Glue to make my daughter a costume for the play which I was told about at the last minute!

  158. kelli mckenrick says

    I used Gorilla Glue to fix a pair of black pumps. The heel broke off, and i didn’t want to purchase another pair of shoes. I simply glued the heel back on. My shoes look brand new! Gotta love Gorilla Glue!

  159. Anita C. says

    I’ve seen it in the stores but haven’t tried it yet. I would love to make a cake plate/stand and I’m sure I would use it a million other ways because I do many different types of crafting.

  160. carol l says

    I plan on using it to make a fake plant topiary. I love those but don’t want to spend money on buying one so I plan on making mine.

  161. janna briggs says

    I love Gorilla Glue! I used it to repair a glass vase and to make a cake stand with an old plate and candle holder.

  162. Diane Baum says

    I love gorilla many things I have used it to fix. I used it on door knobs, on picutre frames and wall clocks!

  163. Melissa says

    I use Gorilla glue to fix pretty much everything. It definitely comes in very handy – I’m a collector of pottery and glassware and my husband is a breaker of pottery and glassware. I use regular Gorilla glue but would love to try variants such as dries clear.

  164. Melody Alexis says

    I have used Gorilla glue to mend thoings around the house and will use it to make crafts and jewelery.

  165. shemp says

    I’d like to use it for crafting, fixing the bathroom vanity that’s apart, molding and anything else that might need glued.,

  166. Gianna says

    I plan to use it on the lip of a rubbermaid container that I don’t want to throw away. I wrote to them and there is no replacement part for it.

  167. darla says

    Gorilla Glue! i love win this pack of gifts i can and always do need glues ty for give so much to make craft month great

  168. Tinga says

    I just used Gorilla Glue this weekend to fix a supposedly “concrete” japanese-style lantern that got left out in the snow all winter. It turned out to be hypertufa and it kind of fell apart. The Gorilla Glue is holding nicely! I use it all the time for heavy duty repairs like this and sometimes to do tile/mosaic work for outdoors.

  169. Christine says

    We have used gorilla glue around the house and it works great. Now we are starting to use it with our new love for crafting.

  170. Cynthia Ross says

    I love using on different craft project if I can keep my husband from taking for work that he is a contractor

  171. Emily Carter says

    With my boys (five of them), there is never enough glue! Between broken items and crafty projects for their lizards (houses), I always need to replenish my supply!

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