Halloween Painted Luminaries

I’ve struggled for the last two weeks about whether or not I should post this. Why? Because it’s one of my crafts. The last thing I want people to think is that I am using this venue to further my own blog. That’s just not it at all. See, I’ve actually had a few people email me and tell me I should feature these. At first I said no because of what I stated above. One person even said “hog wash”. Ha! I haven’t heard that in ages. So I am taking a chance and posting these today in hopes that you all won’t mind and won’t think that I am trying to self promote. These have been extremely popular on my blog so I hope that you like them. :)

See my step by step tutorial so you can make your own Halloween luminaries.


  1. carol says

    That’s just not wrong at all. This site is a place to promote good tutorials, not the blogs, so its only fair that your tutorial appears here. Its beautiful!

  2. says

    these are the cutest luminaries i want to make some .please never worry about sharing your art .i am so happy i found this project.dont worry about the naysayers i love this work.

  3. Marla Pierce says

    These are adorable! I don’t see anything wrong with you posting from your own blog. Especially if you have great crafts like this one!

  4. malinda says

    I have to say I am thrilled you posted these. I am troop leader to a daisy girl scout troop and I was looking for a recycling project we can do for halloween. These will be PERFECT! So thank you for sharing!

  5. says

    If you had seen this on someone else’s blog, you totally would have mentioned them here. Thank you for sharing. I wouldn’t have seen them otherwise, and am off to go check out the directions to see if this is something I can make with my girls and my nephews. Thank you!

  6. Cyrena says

    Seriously … when you have something as cute as these, I say post it!! I didn’t even know you had a blog, but now I do, and I’m glad that I do. I just really, really, REALLY wish you had posted these a few weeks ago, before I threw away a couple of dozen glass mayo jars that my Dad had been saving for my niece’s science project (she didn’t use them all). Anyway, I hope you will post more of your own creations!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Have a lovely evening!

  7. says

    I think they are lovely. I also think that if you are open about when it is one of your crafts that people have liked then there is no conflict of interest.

  8. says

    I love your luminary idea!
    I write a column for my local paper and would LOVE to include this idea in my article (and give you credit of course)
    would that be okay?

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