Put a mailbox in your garden


Why? To help you keep all of your garden tools.

Everything stays dry and is conveniently located. And mailboxes are cheaper than other storage solutions for the garden.

You can customize it the way you want and maybe have a his and her’s box as well :).

Found this on Pinterest, and thought I had to blog it (and implement it for my garden!).


  1. Candice C says

    I set up a mailbox for my tools in the garden and before too long I noticed wasps had set up a nest in the back of it. It seems to be the perfect set up for them being dark and out of the elements. I am allergic to stings so my husband drilled holes to let light in so eliminate the problem but of course, it then defeats the purpose as rain can get in and ruin the safe, dry, convenient place for gloves and tools and seeds.Back to the drawing board.

  2. B. F. Cross says

    what a good idea I will show it to my husband and he will put one up for us. Instead of dragging tools and other items back to the garden they will be conveniently stored for us.
    As far as bees spray the inside and outside to keep away bugs and bees. And keep spray inside to fight off occasional pests.

    thanks for the idea.

    • says

      I prefer the idea of drilling holes to let light in and deter the wasps. The idea of grabbing a can of lethal spray to eliminate what we consider to be pests is WRONG. The sooner we stop this behaviour the better the environment will be.

      • ShirleyBagshaw says

        I too am allergic and feel its wrobg ti use spray. Drill the holes and line the space inside with something clear like maybe vinyl or plastic.

  3. Karla says

    What a great idea. I moved into a new house last year and I’m struggling with where to keep my tools so they are handy. I could put up one of these for the back yard to give me an extra storage spot. Thanks!

  4. Brenda says

    Great idea, I always forget where I put something then don’t find it till I don’t need it anymore. This will be an additional decoration in the garden as well

  5. Jan says

    This is just the thing for my husband. He is constantly looking for his tools while gardening and this should surely help. His tools won’t be getting rusty either. Thanks so much .

  6. Carole Hall says

    Great idea!!! Can’t wait for the rain to stop so I/we can get out in the garden to start implementing so many wonderful, new ideas. Thanks so much for sharing with those of us with the will but not the creative ways!!

  7. Joy Pearce 20th June says

    I am not so sure this great idea would be safe in Perth Australia, we have some bad guys here like red back spiders that would just love to hide in the mail box, and what about opening it and finding a curled up snake.

  8. Sandy says

    I did this years ago. I keep an extra set of clippers, gloves and small shovel in mine out in the yard. Then if I see something that I need to do I don’t have to walk all the way back to the house to get the tools. I keep my gloves in a small container with a lid so I don’t have to worry about anything crawling in them. I have not had any problem with wasp and such. I decorate it for the holidays,planted flowers around it and it is added color for the yard.

  9. Randy McDaniel says

    Great idea, can’t wait to start the project. I’m thinking about putting the mailbox on a decorative post to blend into the garden.

  10. John says

    Put thymol crystals in the mail box as it will deter pest. It is pure menthol sold in honeybee supply catalogs for pest control. It might help repel the wasp.

  11. Corolyn Clay says

    I have been using this idea for years! I have 2 mailboxes that met their demise from being hit by cars and motorcycle. I even keep a box of tissues for my allergies out there! One spring I left one of them open by mistake and a wren nested in it.

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