Seaside Inspiration for Your Windows

Seaside Inspiration for Your Windows

There’s no tutorial for this, I’m providing it to you strictly for inspirational purposes. Back in 2010 Heather Bullard visited Rachel Ashwell and was greeted by this lovely decoration on the front door. I quote “To welcome Rachel they had festooned the front door with swags of muslin, seashells and tulle. So PRETTY!”

Oh Heather, I couldn’t agree more! It wouldn’t be hard to do either. You’d need some muslin and maybe a stamp or a stencil for the words. From what I can see, they took a starfish (readily available at craft stores) and glued on some rhinestones, then wrapped a long strip of muslin around the center of the starfish and used it as a tie back. Throw some pretty sea glass colored tulle in the mix and voila! Done! You can see Heather’s full post about the visit here.

I also want to tell you that I found this image on Pinterest. However, that pin linked over to a Tumblr account with no credit to where it came from (big shocker, I know!). Luckily there was a watermark on the photo from So I went to her site and unfortunately, because I used “beach” and “window” as my keywords, a search failed me.

All was not lost though! If you don’t know already, you can usually find the source of an image via Google by going to Google and clicking on the Image tab. Then you enter the url of the image and it will pull up all similar images on the web. Many of them will be on Pinterest. I found the original source on page two.


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    I love this so much Amanda that I pinned it to my Sea Dreams Cottage Board! Thanks for taking the time to find the original source and provide a link to it. I try not to pin anything that doesn’t have the source included so I appreciate your effort!

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