10 DIY Greenhouse Projects

10 DIY greenhouses

Whether you are a novice gardener or an expert, you can benefit from having some sort of a backyard greenhouse.  They range in size from tabletop to a large room, depending on your needs.  Most can be built from recycled materials, such as scrap wood and old window frames you may already have laying around.  Start your seeds and get them ready for transplanting in a small greenhouse, or maintain a year round vegetable garden.  Here are 10 greenhouses you can build for your backyard.  Doesn’t your thumb feel greener already?


Countertop Greenhouse – Instructables



CD Case Greenhouse – So You Think You’re Crafty



Cold Frames – For the Love of Lillian




DIY Hinged Covered Greenhouse Garden – Living Green and Frugally



Urban Greenhouse – Alex’s Hobby Site




Barn Door Greenhouse – Ana White



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