Book Review: Candlemaking the Natural Way

Even if you had no desire to learn how to make candles, the sheer Martha style eye candy among this book’s pages is enough to make you treasure it. If you are looking to learn candle making, this book offers a wide array of techniques, full color step by step photos, and plenty of choices. Whether it’s soy, palm or beeswax you want to work with, there are a total of 31 projects ranging from simple to the more complex.

I am not a candle maker, but after reading through this book I’m certain that I could easily get started and try my hand at making some. Author, editor, photo stylist and craft enthusiast (phew!) Rebecca Ittner, along with the help of 8 talented candle designers, guides you through this lovely book filled with inspiring projects.

The book is broken down into six chapters, the first one covering the types of materials and tools you will need to successfully create beautiful candles. The second chapter focuses on the different techniques involved, incuding melting your wax, adding color and fragrance, making molded and container candles, rolling beeswax candles, working with wicks, and more.The remaining four chapters include how to instructions and step by step photos of making beeswax candles, palm wax candles, soy candles, and finally, upcycled candles.

There are some really pretty creations in here, makes me want to get started in candle making myself. With clear and concise instructions, this is a great choice covering a delicious sampling of shapes and styles. If I do take up candle making, this will definitely be in my library.

This book is available at your favorite book store or online at >> Candlemaking the natural way


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    I make soy container candles for my family. I can tell you that once you make your first batch
    you are hooked!!! It is a wonderful hobby.
    Have a great day


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