.. is to use a drill.

No seriously.

Dutch chef Jasper van Ramshorst probably got too bored peeling apples the normal way, so he got a drill, put it through an apple core, put the peeler on top of it and let …

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Epsom salts are a great fake snow idea for creating craft projects with. We have seen several of these projects that are perfect for creating a crystal snow effect.

Use recycled jars and you have a great luminary for Christmas …

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fall-button-art has a new project that is perfect for this changing season. Using an autumn themed button set, the author has created a wall art project that reflects the changing season, and spells out the word: Fall.

The use of …

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Melina Raissnia

Editor’s Note: American Craft Council‘s Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft project during the Aug 2-4 show at San Francisco will showcase works from nine interior designers and architects that will create room settings inspired by fine craft pieces – generating

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The other day it occurred to me that I spend way too much time in the laundry.  I even have my iPhone set to remind me each evening before bed to pop another load into the machine. I try and …

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Today is my last day as editor of the Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip. My reasons for leaving are bittersweet. I have become so busy with freelance crafting work (which is a sweet thing!) that I have been …

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7 Office Crafts to keep your space looking spiffy @craftgossip

Times have changed quite a bit and more and more people are working from home or telecommuting. Whether it’s a corner of your dining room or you are lucky enough to have a room dedicated to work, there are plenty …

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Spring Cleaning 101: Cleaning Tips, Homemade Recipes and Free Printable Labels @craftgossip

It’s springtime and that means it’s time to open the windows after a long winter and air out the house. Spring cleaning is something that’s been done for decades as the weather warms up and the house gets a good …

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12 DIY Bathroom Ideas @craftgossip

If you are looking for a little inspiration for your bathroom, here’s a collection of DIY bathroom crafts and ideas to get you motivated. The beauty of dressing up a bathroom is that it doesn’t take a lot, just a …

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10 Garden crafts that are perfect for spring from @craftgossip

It’s been really cold in the midwest, and the weather is finally beginning to turn. My tulips have begun to surface and the snow is finally, finally gone! They won’t have herb or flower plants for sale until next month, …

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11 Craft Room Projects to Organize and Beautify Your Space - @craftgossip

Whether you have an actual craft room or not, there are several projects here to help you organize and beautify your space. Do you have any tips or special ways you like to organize your craft supplies or brighten up …

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13 Kitchen Crafts You Will Love @craftgossip

Kitchen crafts are really popular. I alone have made over 15 projects just for my kitchen! It’s probably because the kitchen is the heart of the home, so those of us that like to make our own home decor really …

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13 Planter Ideas for Your Container Garden @craftgossip

People use planters for many reasons: container gardening, indoor plants, kitchen herb gardens and even for decorative purposes. No matter what your reason for wanting or needing a container for your vegetables, herbs or plants, here are several ways to …

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9 More Spring & Easter Wreaths @craftgossip

It amazes me that there can be such versatility in one craft project. The wreath. The wreath can be changed in so many different ways it almost seems infinite. I’ve written about several different wreath designs, and here are 9 …

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15 Shamrock Crafts for St. Patrick's Day @craftgossip

Shamrock crafts are very popular now, and dressing up your home with a shamrock here and there is a great way to show your holiday spirit during St. Patrick’s Day. Many shamrock crafts are geared at kids, but I’ve put …

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