Giveaway: 6 pack of Krylon spray paint!

Oh yay for National Craft Month! Our friends at Krylon are excited about giving away FOUR 6-packs of their fabulous spray paint to you, the Craft Gossip readers. There will be a new winner each week. This week, we are giving away the first of the four gift packs.

Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post telling me either what type of Krylon paint you’ve been itching to try, or tell me your favorite Krylon paint. Tell us all about it before March 10th at midnight CST!

As much as we would love to include our Canadian and international friends Iโ€™m afraid this giveaway is restricted to those with a U.S. mailing address. If you live outside of the U.S. but have an address within the U.S. that we can ship to then youโ€™re in! Otherwise, we truly apologize. You must be 18 or older to enter. Winner will be randomly selected on March 11th and notified via email. Winner will have 72 hours to respond with their shipping address, otherwise an alternate winner will be drawn. Winner will be provided with a catalog and allowed to choose 6 favorites. Prizes will be shipped at the conclusion of our National Craft Month celebration (early April). Good luck!


  1. Diane S. says

    I have been dying to try the chalkboard paint-would love to make something for the grandchildren using it!!

  2. Candi Lloyd says

    I LOVE the krylon brushed nickle paint!! I have used that stuff on everything from metal latches on an antuque tool box, to my switch/outlet plates! I had no idea about the stained glass paint tho, I’d love to try that one! Or the chalkboard paint :)

  3. Nicole D says

    I’ve been thinking about painting the door of my daughter’s wooden toy fridge with the chalkboard paint! I use their low-odor gloss for all kinds of projects too.

  4. Lara says

    I just love the chalkboard paint! We used it on a huge wall in my son’s room and on a piece of plywood we attached to the playscape outside. I can’t wait to try using Krylon on my outside dull looking furniture!

  5. Cindy Campbell says

    I have been wanting to try the Stainglass paint. It inspires me to think grandly about my next project. I love the paint for plastics so much, and have redecorated our lawn chairs often with it!

  6. LeAnn says

    I have used Krylon Fusions to update some ugly old, but much loved, canisters in my kitchen. I’m thinking the Pearl and Stained glass paints look very intriguing…good luck to me!

  7. Aamina says

    I would l0ve to win this fab pack of spray paint! i was thinking i would like to try the krlon glow paint!!

  8. Laura Guevara says

    Love the stone sprays, regular in your vast array of colors and finishing sprays! Love me some spray paint!

  9. tina coleman says

    Oh I love getting new spray paint in wild colors and re-purposing objects I find at yard sales or thrift store. Spray paint preserves and repairs old wicker old wood or metal objects fast. I love quick and easy projects. The new bright colors are my fav. Thanks

  10. angeline nussbaum says

    I use krylon products for sooo many if the crafts that I get myself into. I love krylon spray favorite is most likely krylong crystal clear acrylic. I love finishing my projects with such and awesome product. Id love to try the krylon chalkboard. I need to grab that next time I go to the store!

  11. Lauren Little says

    Ooohhhh I have not seen the stained glass paint. I would love to try it I also love the plastic primer

  12. says

    I LOVE the chalkboard paint and I’m always wanting to buy more. But I also love to use any color in the Gloss finish!

  13. Karen in KS says

    I love Krylon paint! It is the best. I’ve been wanting to get the Chalkboard paint to use for projects for both me and my granddaughter.

  14. Missy says

    I’ve made sure I have a can of gold Krylon on-hand for years. That stuff has spruced up dresser drawer pulls (on an amazing dresser found in a Brooklyn, NY Goodwill in the 90s), cardboard cut-out crafts (we like to give actual numbers to kids for their birthdays), and countless other projects.

    I hope I win; other colors might be nice to try…!

  15. says

    I love to make jewelry and I use all mediums including brass stampings , paper and polymer clay and just all types of mediums u can imagine I have probably used.

    There are a few krylon paints I would love to try one day soon…
    Your Premium Metallic gold and silver both
    your UV Archival varnish gloss
    Your leafing pens in gold , oh what the heck let me be honest…in every color if I am being real…lol….I love the huge variety in krylon products…Thank you ever so much for this opportunity

  16. Robin says

    I didn’t even know there were more “colors” than just the basic ones. I used Krylon spray paint to decorate a “Steelers” football player snowman I made this winter. It worked great. I would like to try the “Make it Stone!” type. :)

  17. Missy says

    I’ve got a ton of plastic bottles and larger cans that I’ve been wanting to upcycle & I want to try them all!

  18. Kim Prucha says

    I have BIG plans for Chalkboard paint in my new studio! I would love to have the opportunity to use it as a spray. I’ve only used the brush on variety. How exciting! Pick me! Pick me!
    In Gratitude and Peace. Kim

  19. Michelle Hensel says

    I would love to try the “Make it Stone” The possibilities seem endless and I haven’t see any one else carrying a similar product.

  20. Jennifer P says

    I’m a newbie, so really I just need to try SOME Krylon paint. But I did buy some in “Jade” to repaint a buffet in my kitchen that I got *for free* from a friend putting it out on the curb :) Can’t wait to see how it looks!

  21. Jenna says

    I would love to win this! I have 2 chairs that are going to be redone and I am going to spray paint them. I love all the different color choices indoor/outdoor Krylon offers.

  22. Bonnie Patterson says

    I would love to try the Chalkboard paint. I have a door that I would love to use it on for the grandkids to draw on while they are here.

  23. Tatiana says

    I love the chalkboard paint. We used it downstairs in the playroom for the girls to practice their spelling words on. I would love to try the stone paint. Thanks annd Happy Crafting Month

  24. Chrissy says

    I definitely want to try the chalkboard paint. I’m dreaming up a project for my grandson’s room! Thanks for the giveaway

  25. says

    OOHHH -Stained Glass Paint !!!
    Now that would be fun to try … the possibilities:-)
    Chalkboard paint is a BIG favorite of mine …. who can ever have enough of that !!!
    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I’ll be lucky – this is a mighty fine giveaway:-)


  26. GWen Parmer says

    I’ve been seeing chalkboards everywhere! Sooooo I would love to try the chalkboard spray paint!!

  27. Kelli says

    Oh geeze, do I have to pick ONE? I guess the chalkboard paint, but I really want to try to one for plastic and the stained glass too.

  28. says

    i’ve been dying to try the chalkboard spray paint. we have a part of a wall painted with chalkboard paint in the children’s department where i work, and it’s fantastic. i’ve seen several crafts using the krylon spray paint version and have them starred and tucked away in my blog feed reader.

  29. Erin H says

    I’d love to try the chalkboard paint! I see it everywhere, but I’ve never gotten around to trying it myself!

  30. Lori says

    I love Krylon! I wasn’t aware of the pearl paint OR the stained glass (I must live in a bubble), so I’d be absolutely delighted to try either. Ah, the possibilities in a simple can of paint.

  31. Colleen says

    I really need some indoor/outdoor paint for some metal vintage chairs i have! Although I have been wanting some chalkboard paint too!

  32. says

    We’re getting ready to move into a new home and I have all sorts of ideas stashed in my head. I would love to try the chalkboard paint but I also have been itching to spray paint something teal.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  33. Michelle says

    Who knew that Chalkboard *spray* paint existed!? I want to spray chalkboards everywhere!!! How fun!

  34. Monica Van de Loo says

    I’ve really been wanting to try the Krylon Fusion for plastic…I have some resin chairs in our backyard that could use some freshening up! :0)

  35. Suzanne B says

    I have been dying to try the Semi-Transparent Wood Stain spray in green. I want to try it on a frame I have made. I think it will look grain. A spray stain…that is so cool and convenient.

  36. Jessie C says

    I would love this pack! I need to re-do my kitchen table so I would probably use the indoor/outdoor gloss first.

  37. Cassia says

    I love krylon spray favorite is most likely krylong crystal clear acrylic. I want to try the H2O Latex, sounds perfect for a eco friendly projects.
    I wil love to have all those products, love them.

  38. says

    I LOVE Bright Idea by Krylon! Every mirror in my house is made possible by Krylon :)

    I am itching to try magnetic paint!!! This would be a huge help if I win because of all the projects I’m itching to do

  39. Wendy Lynch says

    I’ve been wanting to try that paint that sticks to anything! We are on a tight budget so I haven’t been able to buy any. Sorry I don’t know the name of it!

  40. Karen Meyer says

    I already love the Stone and Pearl paints and have been wanting to try the magnet paint especially!

  41. Angeline Tucker says

    Have used the plastic paint on several items and would like to try the stained glass and magnetic paints.

  42. Christine says

    I can do both! I LOVE the metallic paints, used them during Halloween alot. I also really want to use the Make it Stone paint, think I could do some really neat things with it. I don’t like the brick on my fireplace and I swear one day I’m going use the Stone paint to redo it! LOL :)

  43. Naomi Peters says

    I’ve just discovered Krylon’s Make it Last and love it! Protects my labels and paper crafts amazingly! The chalkboard paint looks like fun!

  44. Paula says

    I haven’t seen the Pearl or Stained Glass paint before – I can think of a few things I’d like to do with them.

  45. Gloria says

    I have really been wanting to try the chalkboard spray paint I have seen so many cute projects done with it!

  46. Katherine says

    I am so looking forward to trying the stained glass paint. I’m gearing up for a 50th b-day party for my mom and have a few ideas for decorating with it. Thanks!

  47. Carla Gray says

    The Stain Glass you be so FUN to try. Also the Pear looks really interesting as well. I love Krylon Paint! Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Janie Chauvin says

    I always use the cheap stuff, but have been told that Krylon is the best. Sure would like to win some to try it out. I heard from friends that the frosted glass is really cool.

  49. Cindy says

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try the stained glass spray paint … Woul be fun to decorate windows and picture frames … Who doesn’t love stained glass!

  50. JeremyO says

    Krylon primers are the BEST!

    I’ve never heard/seen the Stained Glass type. That would be interesting to try out.

  51. susie carranza says

    I use their Crystal Clear Gloss Finish in my art work. I’d love to try their magnetic or chalkboard paint!

  52. says


    I am so excited to have found your page. I love the Krylon brand for it’s variety of colors and consistent finish. Once I get started with the spray paint, nothing is safe from me giving it a makeover. =) I am working on some bird cages for the spring season and I would looooove anything in the honeysuckle family ( it is the “color” of the year as of “pantone”). =)

    I am excited about this giveaway but more so about you. Sharing with my readers asap.


  53. says

    I have been wanting to try to Chalk paint SO badly. My three year old son absolutely loves to play with chalk, its his favorite. I want to make his closet door into a giant chalk board that he can use at all times!

  54. Judy says

    ohhhhhhhh DEFINITELY the glass!! I have a project in mind right now!! Thnx so much for this generous offer!!

  55. Michelle says

    I would love to try so many of your products such as the magnetic paint, the frosted, stone paint, the stained glass. This is a great give away. Thank you

  56. says

    I would really like to try the Oil Rubbed Bronze spraypaint. I’ve read other craft bloggers who use it and love it. I want to be converted! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  57. Mark says

    I’m actually in need of exactly 6 different colors of plastic Krylon spray paint for a board game project that I’m working on. Very soon I’m going to need to paint 70 plastic pieces.

  58. Leah C says

    I want to try the stone for the top of a desk I transforming, or possibly the pearl. There are just too many options, I will decide… later.

  59. Debbie says

    I would love to try the stained glass paint on a high awkward window in my house! And the chalkboard paint would be fun for my message center.

  60. says

    For a professional finish with any project, I know I can count on Krylon. And they have eliminated all those messy steps to achieve a faux finish. Just spray,(greatest invention) and wait for the compliments! Next on my list, chalkboard & magnetic paint. Ohhhhh, the possibilities.

  61. emily says

    i would love to try the chalkboard paint for my kiddos or the magnet paint… i use the gloss finish all the time! getting ready to paint some picture frames pretty soon…

  62. serena says

    ooh i have been dying to try the chalkboard… but the pearl looks enticing too! uber awesome giveaway!!

  63. says

    I LOVE Krylon! I’ve been dying to try some of the Fusion paint for laminate — I have some laminate-finish furniture that needs some new life!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  64. says

    I use their white and black satin paint all the time. I would like to try the outdoor paint as I have a few spring projects coming up!

  65. rebecca says

    i lovey krylon! all there paint is amazing! i would love to try the glass one!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmaild ot com

  66. says

    I am completely insane about Krylon’s indoor/outdoor gloss and satin spray paint. I consider this a staple product and always have it on hand in several different colors.

  67. Michelle says

    I would love to try the chalkboard paint, have some projects in mind that it would be perfect for!!

  68. Erin J. says

    I have been dying to try out chalkboard spray paint! I really want paint a wall where my son can draw on the wall!

  69. Beth Walker says

    I’ve always wanted to try the chalkboard paint. I got some acrylic chalkboard paint once but it doesn’t stick to smooth surfaces.

  70. says

    Gosh, I love Krylon paint! I’ve been a fan of the fusion for plastics since it first appeared, and I’ve been wanting to check out the make it stone! for the longest time. What a great giveaway!

  71. LisaT says

    I’ve always wanted to try the chalkboard paint. The Stained Gleass paint would be a closed second place choice.

  72. Denise Ridener says

    I have only used the clear Krylon paint but would like to try them all especially the stone, chalkboard, stained and glass paint

  73. Vicki Canman says

    the metallic is wonderful, i have used it alot. But I would love 2 try the Glass paint and stone. love Krylon.

  74. Beth D says

    i love the metallic paints – would love to try
    stained glass, chalkboard, and pearl (for starters)!

  75. Audy says

    I have used so much of this stuff, I love it for painting small dressers and furniture. I would love to try out the stained glass paint for a window decor.

  76. janet hall says

    i love redoing old furniture. i’ve redone a dresser, made benches, etc. i love the cherry red!!!! but stained glass, now that would be something!!!!!!

  77. says

    I’ve been wanting to try Krylon’s Looking Glass Mirror Like Paint. I’ve got an ugly old lamp that I can envision being transformed into something smashing!!!

  78. anne v says

    I had to give away all our paint before moving, since the movers would not take it in the truck. I would love to start re-building my paint stash with these!

  79. vickie says

    I have seen so many wonderful products using chalkboard paint that I can’t wait to try! I love Krylon

  80. says

    I have used all of the above except Make it Pearl. Must find that one. Frosting Glass is one of my favorites. And I don’t just use it on glass. Thanks for the chance to win some of your marvelous spray paint.

  81. Shelly E says

    I haven’t used krylons paint before, but I want to make an “Easter Tree” by spray painting a tree branch white and hanging these super cute litttle wooden eggs i bought. I have aldo been itching to try glass etching for a while now!

  82. Jeanne says

    I need to change my gold lamps & frames to silver in my master bedroom so I’d love to try out the metallic paints. I’m just waiting for it to warm up outside!

  83. says

    Great giveaway!!I love all the Krylon products esp the Metallic colors!!! I have yet to try the Chalkboard or Pearl!! I would love to give them a whirl!! thnx!!

  84. Shirley DiLoreto says

    I just saw a project a friend did with Hammered Krlon. I just love it. ( My son in law is sure I have stock in Krlon I even spray hats for my Red hat outfits.

  85. Monica Lacy says

    I’ve been wanting to try Make It Stone! for some time now. There are so many possibilities for projects with this paint!

  86. says

    I would love to try the Pearl paint. I adore their paints and use them just haven’t had a chance to try that one. I think the chalk board would be fun too.

  87. Judy R says

    I would love any of the paint as I am redoing my front porch….a bar and stools made of metal and glass, wicker love seat, chair, coffee table and 2 side tables, a couple planters and I wanted to make some chalkboard signs. I love Krylon paints. I use Krylon for all my projects.

  88. Bridget Brusherd says

    I got 6 cans of matt and gloass paint for Christmas (my request) and I love it.I’m doing a wood hobby horse. I’m going to try the chrome on a night table.

  89. Sherry Vaughn says

    I have been wanting to try chalkboard paint! I keep thinking of projects I’d like to do with it, but haven’t done any of them, yet.

  90. jolene eriksen says

    I would love to try the Stained Glass paint. I have some old windows that are begging for some color! I have a great place on the screen porch for them.

  91. Joyce says

    I’ve been wanting to try the Stone paint. I hadn’t seen the Stained Glass paint before, so now I have 2 I want to try.

  92. says

    I love the fusion paint. I took some of those white craft organizers that hold scrapbook paper and painted them brown so they’d go with my desk better. You can see a photo of them here:

    I’d LOVE to try .. well all the rest!! I’m aiming to change the color of my IKEA shelf, & some other accent pieces in my scraproom. I didn’t know they did stained glass and that would be awesome for my closet I have a small 12×12 window. I would love to make a chalkboard in my kitchen like several people did for a menu board. Very cool things you can do. Good luck to all & thanks for the offer Krylon & CraftGossip!

  93. Lorraine Warren says

    Stone Paint is what I have been wanting to use lately. I have a set of old plant stands that need some attention.

  94. Julie says

    I would love to try the chalkboard paint!!
    I’d like to make a chalkboard for my grandaughters in their room and also think it would be great to make a grocery list area with it in the kitchen!!

  95. Diane says

    It’s crazy but I really want to try the Rustoleum paint. I’m moving and I have a really really old over the john space saver that was my grandparents (circa 1940’s). It’s metal so after all this time in a humid space it’s rusty and in need of a face lift. I’d really like to make it back into the unique showpiece it once was. Thanks for the opportunity!

  96. says

    I REALLY want to try the magnetic paint. I love the chalkboard paint AND the regular spray paint. I have a whole bin in my basement full of different colors.

  97. Faith says

    What a great giveaway! I have some really UGLY outside furniture that could sure use a coat or two of Krylon paint. Good luck everyone! :)

  98. marilyn says

    I want to try the stone. Gardening season (and painting season) is about to start and there are pots that need a facelift

  99. jacque says

    Oh my, I don’t know where to start! I’d love to try the brushed nickle (I’ve heard it’s awesome), stone (ooo…pots and outdoorsy stuff), and definitely the blackboard (too many projects swirling in my head)!

  100. Beverly Blair says

    I love the stone paints, but really would love to try the Chalkboard paint . . . thanks for the giveaways and have a great weekend!

  101. judimaryjo says

    I know that the magnetic paint would be the best to use on my hallway childrens art display project. But I would also love to try the brushed nickel and the pearl paint too.

  102. Kate Cooke says

    I make stained glass mosaics, and recently had an idea for a table- I’d use the stained glass paint to help blend the colors down the legs of the table, and use the chalkboard paint on top.
    YAY Krylon!

  103. Carri Jarzemski says

    I have been wanting to try the chalkboard paint. I have a great wall in my craft room that would be great for a chalkboard. I also want to try the stone paint too! I want to take an old frame to use as the border for the chalkboard. I am hoping that it will give it the “old world” feel!

  104. Nikki says

    i use spray paint all the time with my craft projects, but have never used the chalkboard paint. Can’t wait to try it!

  105. AmyM says

    I would love to try the looking glass paint and the ocean blue paint, and the, and the. Soo many great choices.

  106. GinaE says

    I recycled some old lamps with the stone paint and looove them! I need to try the paint for plastics. I have an old plastic storage cabinet on the patio that needs painted badly!

  107. Sarah Jones says

    I have loved all the paints so far! I really want to do a project with the chalkboard paint for my boys room.

    I’m very intrigued by the Stained Glass one. Hmmm……what to do with that?!?!?!?

  108. Chiara says

    Oh to think of things that we could do. The kiddo & I could spray on some walls, spray on some windows…. indoor and out! Oh the fun we could have! With magnetic and chalkboard and pearl and, and, and….. oh my!

  109. Shari says

    I am am elementary art teacher and I would love to try the stained glass spray paint. This would be so much fun to try with my older students.

  110. says

    I want to try so many- the type for grills, etc. to do my fireplace (to cover up some brass), the stone for some pots,and the chalkboard. I also would like to try the fusion for plastics. Awesome giveaway!

  111. Judith says

    I am loving Krylon paints. Just started crafting and learning. Would love any of the paints…but dying to try the chalkboard paint.

  112. says

    I would love to try the chalkboard spraypaint! I am a home school mom of 3 and have been wanting to make a giant chalkboard to use for school. The make it stone spray paint looks fun too. I love making old things look new and fun!

  113. Joan Cain says

    I love the stone and would like to try others. It would be great to try the pearl, especially to paint some eggs and not have to worry about dying them. Joan

  114. says

    I would love to do a project with the stained glass paint. This would be a way of creating a
    bright spot in a small room. I would also like to try the chalkboard paint since I have seen so many cool projects!

  115. says

    Would you believe I’ve tried each of these Krylon paints except for the Stained Glass Color. And I’m sure hoping I get to try that one by winning!
    Thanks for the chance!

  116. Autumn Bynum says

    I would love to try the mirror paint or magnet paint. Any of them would be fab:) Thanks for the giveaway

  117. Susan says

    would love to try the chalkboard paint ever since seeing a redo of a credenza for a child’s playroom with it.

  118. nitasha says

    Really, I’d like to try just about all of the Krylon paints, but at the top of my list is the chalkboard paint!

  119. Lis says

    I would love the chalkboard paint! So many projects for my (home) school room that I have been wanting to try.

  120. says

    The Chalkboard paint is amazing! I love the pearl and the stone and..and..and…ok obviously I am a huge fan of this stuff!! LOL Thank you for the chance to win, I have a million ideas for it if I do!!

  121. Becky Merrill says

    I love Krylon and have used it on many things. I am dying to try the new one for plastic but the Glass one also looks tempting. I would use any of them. I am sure I could find something that needed painting!

  122. Carol Murphy says

    I would love to create a “hub” inside of our kitchen pantry door with the chalkboard paint. It would be a great central way to stay connected with all the family’s activities and commitments. Thanks for the giveaway!

  123. Liz says

    I love Krylon Fusion Spray – Not only do I have new looking outdoor furniture each spring, I find it is great to use when recycling plastic lids and containers for crafts.

  124. says

    I REALLY want the chalkboard or magnetic paint; I am making my children a play kitchen, and I would love for them to be able to write on the fridge, or put magnets on it! I am already using Krylon to paint it bright cherry red!

  125. Lisa Douglas says

    I’d like to try Krylonโ€™s Looking Glass Mirror Like Paint and Plastic paint to redo the kids plastic table and chairs.

  126. Elizabeth says

    So many paints – so little time. My favorite is my Purple Plastic Krylon. I feel that purple is a basic color that can go on anything!

  127. Patricia Hall says

    i definitely want to try the chalkboard paint, my kids would love that! I also have some outdoor chairs I garbage picked. They could use some love. Happy craft month everybody!

  128. Deb says

    I have used the stone on ceremics, but have been dying to try the chalk…I would love to see what I could come up with with what I have i my craft stash.

  129. Glenda says

    Krylon is my favorite from paint to varnishes. I really would love to try a few of their textured look paints. I have some antique items, one a tricycle with a back seat that would look just lovely with any of the textured paints. Of course I love the varnishes as well.
    Thanks Krylon for the giveaway.

  130. says

    I would love to checkout the chalkboard paint! I am building doors for an old wardrobe and framing the doors…blackboard paint would be perfect to customize the doors!

  131. Ila East says

    I am having a hard time deciding between the Make It Pearl and the Stained Glass. I can see uses for both of them. I am just getting started again in crafting and decorating after an 8 year “vacation”.

  132. says

    I have used several different Krylon paints. I would like to try the stained glass and chalkboard and who knows what else!

  133. Dena St.John says

    I love Krylon spray paint. Just bought the nickle finish to try revamping my out-dated brass light fixtures in my kitchen. Can’t wait to get to the project. I’ve never heard of the stained glass spray paint. Would like to try that on a project.

  134. says

    We just bought our first house. I love it except the outside is a little plain. I’ve been dying to try the stained glass spray paint! That would definitely give out house appearance a kick!

  135. Shannon says

    I have tried the Krylon Stone paint before, but I’ve been dying to try the chalkboard paint. I’ve got a couple of ideas for how this paint could be used.

  136. Elena says

    I’m wondering if chalkboard can be layered with magnetic paint to make the ultimate message door. Would love to try it out!

  137. Kelly W says

    I just love the brilliant metallic sprays. And, I could not live without Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating. The absolute best!

  138. Heather says

    Oh, I’d love to try the chalk! My son is just getting old enough for crayons and chalks, so that would be really fun.

  139. Yvonne says

    I’ve been patiently waiting for the weather to warm up so I can tackle some painting projects. Didn’t realize that they had so many different types of paint! The possibilities are endless.

  140. JD says

    I’ve been wanting to try the oil rubbed bronze paint… maybe to spruce up some of the too shiny brass in our livingroom

  141. Melanie says

    Until I read all these comments I had no idea Krylon had so many different kinds of paints! I’m excited to try them and I hope I win! Thanks!

  142. says

    Oh my! The possibilities are endless with Krylon paint. Me? I been wishing to get my hands on Krylon’s Looking Glass Mirror paint to work with some old windows. I hadn’t realized that there was stained glass paints avaiable, they are sure to make an awesome compliment to the mirror paint. Count me in this raffle please!

  143. Sandy L says

    I would really like to try the pearl paint. I have an old rocking chair that I would love to paint to make it look beautiful, and I think the pearl would do it justice!

  144. says

    I’ve been wanting to try the Brushed Metallic paint (I have a project waiting in the wings for this paint, one of these days I’ll actually get to it). I also want to try the chalkboard paint, I think that’s really neat!

  145. says

    I’ve used Stone, Chalkboard and Plastic, as well as other Krylon paints, but I’ve never tried the Stained Glass paint and would LOVE to give it a try!! Winning is nice, so here’s my comment!!

  146. Kathy says

    I have tried some of the Krylon Spray Paints and have been very pleased! I have not, however, tried the Stained Glass paint! I would love to try this in a project.

  147. Janet Pierce says

    I’ve been wanting to try the chalkboard paint, but now that I have seen that you have the stained glass paint and I have try that. Looks great. I use only Krylon when I do paint as it covers the best, and you can’t beat the colors. Thanks for the giveaway.

  148. ChrisTea says

    I’ve been dying to try the Chalkboard. I’ve never seen the Pearl but that looks to be fun, too! Thanks for the chance to win.

  149. Dennis says

    I would love to try the stain-glass paint. I have seen it but never had the chance to try it. Thank you for the giveaway.

  150. tammi says

    Krylon is amazing! I have used it for a lot of things – one of my favorite was to give kids bikes a fresh new look. And I really like the Krylon Fusion, I use it at the community theater to give new life to patent leather purses and make shoes nice and shiny or change the color to match a character’s costume.

  151. Suz says

    I love the Stone Krylon for extending the life of my patio set bt another 4 years ! YEA !

    The isn’t a better spray paint company out there for variety, color and product types. People could think I was a ‘tagger’, I have so many partially used cans already.

  152. Sholauna Stautz says

    I love the stone paint and am excited to try the chalk paint for my kiddles. Do a table top maybe?!

  153. says

    Love chalkboard paint!! And I would love to try the Fusion! Here’s to me being lucky!! Thanks for this opportunity at winning.

  154. michelle tripp says

    I would love to try the indoor/outdoor in one of the awesome shades Krylon makes…I have used many of their products in the past and love them… (I am a florist and we’re ALWAYS painting something- including fresh flowers!)

  155. Stacy Cordova says

    I love the flat black and white spray paint. Always have it on hand. Would love, love, love to try the chalkboard paint.

  156. Judy Perry says

    I been wanting to try the Chalkboard Spray Paint in my grand kids room. They love to play school and have been asking for a Chalkboard for months.

  157. Ann Wa says

    Krylon products are wonderful! I have been very intrigued by the Chalkboard paint and would love to try it.

  158. Betty Jo says

    I would love to try the chalk board and the stone for sure I am always looking for project I love to use Krylon spray paints!!!!

  159. says

    I have been dying to try out the black chalkboard spray paint. It would make my college course plans easier to follow, and make running my small handmade jewelry business so much more organized. :)

  160. michelle r says

    Oh I have so wanted to try the “stone” paint. Want to redo a couple lamp bases. Could do some serious damage around this house if I win!!

  161. Michelle Robertson says

    I don’t have a favorite. The type I like to use depends on the project and makes it easier.

  162. Cathleen Finch says

    Wow! I thought I had used every one of the Krylon paints, but I never saw pearl or stained glass. I can think of so many craft projects I could use those two on.

  163. sharon chretien says

    Our home improvement stores here where I live don’t offer much Krylon spray paints and sometimes they never have what I’m looking for. So there’s greater disappointment when you have to choose something else. I do woodburning as a hobby and just started making coffee tables to sell with a woodburned design on them and I’m looking for paints that will cut my time in half. I just completed a coffee table with woodburning done in dots of a family tree for a friend… read it right…it took me 25-30 hours to woodburn the dots onto the wood and I LOVE to experiment with spray paints and if there’s 1 brand I’ve tried and loved it’s Krylon, they are very good and last longer than most other spray paints. How about a stone colored coffee table?? I’ll certainly try that!!! Happy Krylon Spray Painting :)

  164. says

    Ocean Breeze is my most favorite color EVER!!! I use it on everything in my house :) I would love to win some different kinds of Krylon! Great giveaway for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

  165. says

    I love Krylon spray paints. I have used the chalkboard/magnet ones and LOVE them. I really would like to check out the glass and stone sprays.

  166. says

    I love Krylon’s Make It Stone! I’ve experimented with it on many different surfaces, objects and media from rocks to metal to paper – all with amazing and unique finishes. It’s lead to many creative projects!

  167. Shawn says

    Have been wanting to try the glow in the dark on my driveway. Would love to be able to try the stain glass as well. I have tried the stone and that is awsome.

  168. MistyBlu says

    I would love to try the outdoor paint to refurbish my deck furniture. The plastic paint sounds cool too. They all do!!

  169. Jennie says

    I would love to try the pearl paint! I could do so much with it since I am decorating the master bedroom right now!

  170. Jaan says

    Oh MY, I used Krylon Stone as at the time money was short. And the side table needed help. It was easy and the results are stuning. Krylon paints work wonders for me.

  171. Robyn says

    …really want to try chalkboard paint on flower pots so I can chalk on an identifying name of each plant…

  172. Karol B. says

    So many people have commented hope I have a chance to win I would like to try the varnishes and some of the other new craft paints. I make Crazy quilts and need to varnish some of the printed items so they can be washed.

  173. says

    this would be fabulous! I have used this brand many times but not had the pleasure of all the specialty ones! Spring is coming and lots of items will need to be fixed or revamped on a budget, these are perfect for this!

  174. Deborah says

    I love Krylon, we use the stone paint on our gazing ball stands. The chalk board paint is used a lot to make mosaic Chalk Boards and we use the Fusion on mosaic bird baths on the parts we don’t mosaic. I love their spray adhesive, mirror paint, clear poly and several others but I would love to try to Pearl, it looks very pretty, I can think of several things I could use it for.

  175. Jayma says

    I really would like to try the stone and chalkboard paints! I recently tried the antique bronze color and LOVED it!

  176. Lynn Williams says

    I LOVE the Krylon paint for outside plastic items. It did wonders for our lawn chairs. I would like to try the chalkboard paint! I’ve been seeing it around and would like to try it on the inside of my kitchen cabinet door for a “reminder” board for me. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  177. Sandy says

    I’ve always wanted to try the stained glass and the frosted glass Krylon paints. Especially the frosted to make luminarias out of old glass bottles.

  178. Peggy Jones says

    My favorite Krlon paint is auto primer spray. I use it to basecoat anything including tin, wood, paper, china, cork, etc. After one coat of primer which covers all flaws & previous designs and is great for repurposing, I can use any of the Krlon paints and specialty sprays on my design surface.

  179. Joyce Weatherford says

    My family has used the indoor/outdoor krylon for a long time and keep our furniture and stuff in the yard looking great. I would love to try the paint for STained Glass, as I am trying to work into stained glass. I’ve been using markers, but would love to try paint.

  180. says

    I have been dying to try the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, but I just can’t find it anywhere locally! I spend hours in the spray paint aisles, just dreaming of the wonderful ways I could use them all. I would love to win the giveaway and add to my collection!

  181. Kassey N says

    i love the paint for wood, i have done many projects with kyrlon paint! Love it! i would love to try the chalkboard one! seems fun!

  182. shel says

    I had no idea Krylon made Stained Glass paint…I found an old window and I’m dying to turn it into a beautiful sun shade for my front porch. The Stained Glass paint would be perfect!

  183. says

    I would love to try some of their exciting colors – I love their paint! I’d be glad to try their metal paint as well as their chalkboard paint.

  184. Fallon says

    I love their watermelon colored paint. I redid a wicker chair and it is amazing. I would like to try the glass paint!

  185. Linda Grow says

    I would love to try the magnetic paint,chalkboard and mirror-like paint! I LOVE to experiment and there are few (to many to mention) of the Kyrlon paints I would love to try. Can’t find some of them where I live. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  186. Coleen says

    Thank you for the chance…dying to try something in the kitchen with the chalkboard paint…but not sure if I’m brave enough to do the refridgerator yet!!

  187. Monica says

    I’m dying to find something I can try out the paint that makes it look like stone…really want to do that to something for my house :)

  188. Bev says

    I have used the indoor/outdoor and the stone paints. I would love to try the stain glass. It looks awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Krylon rocks! Good luck to everyone!

  189. Debbie Painter says

    To be honest, I haven’t used Krylon in a very long time! But, I have been dyeing to try the Chalkboard paint! I want to make a message board with it! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  190. Nicole J. says

    I would be thrilled to try the Fusion for plastic. Think about those yard sale finds!!!

    rademann at gmail dot com

  191. says

    I just love the chalkboard paint. I could really use some indoor/outdoor paint b/c I’ve got an old plastic outdoor table and chair set that needs a facelift, badly!

  192. Eileen Chilek says

    I’m wanting to try those non traditional spray
    paints, such as stained glass, stone, pearl on
    small pieces that I want to turn into jewelry.

  193. Esther says

    My son used gold & silver to spray stencils on his grip tape for his skateboard. It’s AWESOME. <3<3<3

    I would love to try the Stain glass…or the BRIGHTS!!! Holy Magnificent!!! :)

  194. Trina says

    I am just IN-LOVE with Krylon Glossy light pink! It is so yummy and dries incredibly fast! Thanks for the chance to win!

  195. Anita C. says

    I use a lot of Krylon for all sorts of projects. I would love to try the Stained Glass paint and the Chalkboard paint!

  196. says

    Hi I have used Krylon spray paint to do my lamps in my living room 15 years ago, it is wonderful spray paint. I used the stone look. I would like to win some paint so I can do my lamps again, get fresh look.

  197. says

    I just saw on here stained glass paint and pearl! I’ve never seen these and my imagination is running wild of things I might try these on.

    I actually found this page accidentally trying to find plastic paint in the Robin’s Egg Blue color. I have a yellow house and was thinking of painting my pots in this color (nice contrast yes?); if it looked great, I might try to paint my shutters that color too!

  198. says

    Oh my Gosh!!!!! You now have stained glass paint???!!! even if I don’t win I am so going out to get some….I have so many patterns but it is so hard to find the glass paint…I thought it just disapeared…I also want to try the Pearl Paint…I have weddings coming up and I know that I am going to invest in a lot of cans….Thanks SSSoooo much for the new products on the market…it means alot to a true craft-a-holic like me.

  199. leigh says

    we use at least one can of Krylon spray paint a week! we play the game washers and paint each teams washers a neon color. They use them so much we have to repaint a few times aday!!

  200. says


  201. says

    I’d love to try the chalk board paint. I am a soft cloth art doll (artist/maker). I like to make vignettes for the dolls. I have an idea that I’d like to try using this paint…the other paints in this package would also be useful for many of my designs.
    Have used the plastic paint on lawn furniture and it’s awesome!

  202. Courtney says

    I’ve never even heard of the stain glass paint!!! how fun! I recently discovered the spray primer (so easy) and the chalkboard (a much cleaner surface than paint on!)

  203. Pat says

    I would like the chalkboard, the stained glass, and make it stone. They all seem pretty neat. I have actually used the chalkboard and really like it.

  204. Greta says

    The glass or pearl paint on some plain clear glass vases. I’m over the chalkboard paint, I’ve been using that for the past 10 years.

  205. Gretam says

    The glass or pearl paint on some plain clear glass vases. Iโ€™m over the chalkboard paint, Iโ€™ve been using that for the past 10 years.

  206. Rose says

    I always use their outdoor paint. I had no idea they even offered chalkboard or magnetic!!! Or low odor gloss…oh my!

  207. Brenda says

    I love the chalkboard paint and would LOVE to try the plastic, metallic, stone, glass and pearl paint too. Hubby has just retired and we could have so much fun with these.
    Thank you for offering this give away.

  208. Erin says

    I plan to buy my first house soon and hope to really add a bit of me and unique crafts to my home. I think the stone on an ugly bathroom counter would be amazing!

  209. Frances Thompson says

    Insde, outside, stone,it doesns’t matter. I use any and all of it. The best results I’ve ever found!

  210. Karen says

    I LOVE Krylon, my backyard could be an advertisement for your company. I have painted two 8 foot lamp posts and 6 tourches in Hammered Copper. The patio set is in Black Hammered. It is going on four years and I have not seen any peeling. I have repainted little tykes chairs for my daughter in the Fusion for Plastic – Plum. They looked brand new. I would just love to try all of your need products. Keep up the good work and I will be a customer for life!

  211. Angela Ingalls says

    When my 11 year old son saw this give away his wheels in the head began to turn with how he could use it to put another project together not for 4H this time but the open exhibats at the local fairs.

  212. Nicolette Gudith says

    Chalkboard and Stone are my favorites. We, grandkids and myself, built a castle with empty cardboard boxes and cardstock then sprayed it with Stone. NICE!

  213. Debby Scott says

    Krylon Stained Glass spray paint!!! Are you kidding, how GREAT is that. Can’t wait to find some just to try it!

  214. Audra says

    I normally use the basic indoor/outdoor or the stone. I didn’t know that there is a chalk board spray paint. I have never seen the stained glass one. Oh man, I could have soo much fun with all those spray paints. Thanks so much for the chance!

  215. Linda says

    The chalkboard paint is the best idea since sliced bread. We did a whole wall and the kids have never had the urge to draw on any other wall. Its brilliant
    Good luck all and thanks for the opportunity

  216. Debra Hess says

    I would love to try the magnetic paint but so far my favorite is the paint for plastic. When I get tired of a plastic flowerpot color or some of our plastic lawn chairs I just spray then up and they look like new!

  217. Stephanie says

    I would love to try the chalkboard paint. I have young kids who love to color on the walls, lol. It would be awesome to have a whole wall that they were actually allowed to color on.

  218. Susan says

    I use Krylon for a lot of my craft projects – screens, house wares, wall plaques, furniture, arts and crafts, etc. It goes on so easy and really gives it a wonderful coating.

  219. Wendy C says

    I have only been crafting for a month so I have not gotten to try many of your products but your white spray paint. I would love to try many more as I try my hand at more crafts and maybe even redoing furnature.

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